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Welcome to Deep in the Meadow, a literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. DitM features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters, and an overarching political landscape to help structure characters and interactions. Territories are refreshed, but will remain familiar to Warriors RPers. Play as a member of the four Clans or as a Clanless cat - and enjoy!


UPDATES - 01/19/18 An activity check is up here. It will run until Tuesday the 30th of January.

UPDATES - 01/17/18 In light of our near every-clan-wide ban/discouragement on apprentices staff wanted to address a few matters. We all know and can relate to the fact that training threads can get boring quickly, but we want to remind users that they don’t need to be the same old things over and over and over again; training threads can be fun, and the concepts that apply to being a warrior can be presented in fun and new ways. Linked are some threads that staff have themselves participated in that demonstrate a wide variety of different directions to tackle training threads from that range from puzzle solving, critical thinking, assassination attempts, games, and even role playing (patrols and the like can count as training threads too). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. If you want to request a flash event you can ask a staff member or purchase one in the shop, and if you need help brainstorming ideas ask on our discord—we’re a collection of creative folk and we can certainly help one another out. In keeping training threads interesting and fun we hope to get more people signing up to do mentor.

In the same stroke we staff have also noticed a trend in that some sign their apprentices up for mentors, ask for training threads, but then never respond to them (or take months), and in the end end up purchasing apprentice passes for their apprentices to get their names on time. Going forward staff will request you skip signing up for a mentor (you can npc one instead) and just purchase the apprentice pass to save desperately needed mentors for those who will participate and complete training threads so we aren’t wasting mentors/time.

UPDATES - 01/16/18 Starvation Notices have officially gone out in ThunderClan. To prevent more, and to prevent those who have received them from worsening, get your cats out in patrols and hunting! WindClan, not far behind ThunderClan, is officially on notice of starvation, too. Don't be like ThunderClan and put off hunting threads until it's too late.

UPDATES - 01/10/18 Staff has made a slight rule change. You can find this change noted on Rule #17 on the rule sheet, and explained in more depth on the bio guide (specifically the 'history' post, which is linked in Rule #17). Direct any questions to staff. Please make sure to read this update.

UPDATES - 01/09/18 Update concerning clans and clanless cats claiming and challenging for territory. Read about that here. As our largest clan on site we're officially giving ThunderClan a starvation warning. No one is starving quite yet, but they have rumbling bellies and an empty fresh-kill pile more often than not. Get out hunting, and not just on your own territory, ThunderClan, or risk finding starvation and illness notifications in your PMs ;D

UPDATES - 01/02/18 Happy New Year! We have a lot going on on site in terms of clan meeting and exciting, drama-filled going ons. Three of our clans have meetings up, and while two are further along than the third they are still in need of reactions to either help wrap them up, or to help their leader in making her decision. Give them a look: WC, RC, & SC. Once some of these big plot threads wrap up you can expect our next site gathering to get underway.

UPDATES - 12/27/17 There has been a change in DitM's staffing team as Cheshire has had to step away to tackle that thing we call life. You can read about that here. The staff team wishes Cheshire all the best, and a huge thank you for all they've done for the site! In light of how busy we still are we've promoted Yazsh, who has been helping the staff team already with mod stuff and flash event posts, to a full member of the staff team. Be sure to give the ma warm welcome and have patience with them as they learn the ropes! With Cheshire leaving that means Palefeather's and Graystar's plots are at a stand still, but since they are all sorts of tied up into the future of the site staff will be taking on the roles for at least a short while to keep things moving smoothly. Please direct all those character's plot questions to us. Rest assured we'll be working with Cheshire if we have questions, and the sand box environment, to see these through! Have patience with staff as well as we figure out what threads need to be done and get a handle on how to best play these characters. Thank you!

UPDATES - 12/24/17 A few days later than the set date, all accounts in the inactive category have been deleted. If that's you, you're welcome to rejoin at any time; staff can always pull things from the archives for you if you would like to remake characters. Just be aware that you may need to change names or face claims if they have been used in your absence.

UPDATES - 12/21/17 A happy Winter Solstice! Our season on site has been changed to Leaf-Bare. The staff team wishes happy holidays for those celebrating!

UPDATES - 12/06/17 The activity check is over and the site has been aged! Those members who did not respond or check in with staff have been moved to the inactive category and will be deleted on 12/20. If you were moved to inactive, just message a staff member with links to the items you need replaced and the accounts you need moved. For those of you still with us, please check characters' ages and active threads so you can claim any new stats. Please also check mentors & apprentices in case you have gotten a new mentor/become a mentor! Finally, many of us need to update our bios, at the very least to reflect name, rank, and sometimes Clan changes. If I have to call people out by name I will ;).

UPDATES - 11/29/17 We have an activity check going on! Link is here. Members have until December 5th to post. Please speak to staff if you don't think you'll be able to post by then. We are doing it a bit differently this time around so please be sure to read the post completely.

UPDATES - 11/15/17 A big thank you for all those who took the time to audition and show interest in ShadowClan deputy. After discussion between Rainbow & staff we congratulate Gillyflowerthroat (Mink) on getting the position. As promised if you have questions or desire tips in preparation for our next open high rank position you can send staff a PM or DM.

UPDATES - 11/09/17 New skin! Staff is still making tweaks to this top table potion (the link colors and navigation link colors) and to staff/site tables, but otherwise please let staff know if you still see any lingering green colors. A deadline has been set for ShadowClan deputy: Tuesday Nov. 14th. If you'd like to try out please send your auditions in before then, and if you think you will need more time be sure to let staff know.

UPDATES - 11/04/17 Auditions for ShadowClan deputy are now open. Audition form can be found in our high rank info board and all auditions should be sent to the staff team + Rainbow. A deadline will be set at a later date.

UPDATES - 11/02/17 Katzen has stepped back from the site and her role as ShadowClan's leader to focus on her senior year of college. To fill members in on what happened ICly with Vulturestar Rainbow has helpfully written a small AU you can read here.





























Temperatures range from -5 to 27 (f). Breezy & cold. Prey is scarce in most areas.

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 Skyclan Roster
 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 09:49 AM
Group Icon
22 moon admin
neutral good
relationship status
played by hawk

Sequoiastar, calico longhair with golden eyes
46 moon old poly female || Bio
played by Fallow
Orcasong, black and white longhair with hazel eyes
28 moon old demiro ace female || Bio
played by Fiver
Brightowl, ginger and white tabby with a scarred face
46 moon old pansexual male || Bio
played by Trick
Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

Warriors - 16

Beryllium, striking tortoiseshell cat with bright amber eyes
72 moon old pansexual female || Bio
played by Mink

Anisefur, large tortoiseshell longhair with golden eyes
65 moon old undecided female || Bio
played by Fallow

Shoalclaw, pretty calico with green eyes
65 moon old pansexual female || Bio
played by Fallow

Lightfang, buff tom with amber eyes
64 moon old gray-asexual male || Bio
played by Mutt

Dappleheart, a long-haired ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes
59 moon old heterosexual female || Bio
played by Cheshire

Quinn, pretty, declawed brown and white tabby with green eyes
58 moon old demisexual female || Bio
played by Cake

Beetleclaw, large shaggy black cat with green eyes
57 moon old pansexual male || Bio
played by Mink

Foghat, gray and white patched tabby tom with amber eyes
54 moon old bisexual male || Bio
played by Blitzy

Weaselwhisker, short-legged brown tabby with one yellow eye
49 moon old bisexual male || Bio
played by Monument

Webtail, sleek marbled white/creamy cat with teal-blue eyes
30 moon old bisexual female || Bio
played by Mink

Hickoryhawk, a tall, skinny bengal cat with striking green eyes.
28 moon old homosexual male* || Bio
played by Buzz

Songbird, wiry, golden-eyed calico with short fur and a round face
27 moon old bisexual female || BIO
played by Moony

Dahliaheart, a lithe, angular black she-cat with green eyes.
25 moon old aro ace agender || Bio
played by Rainbow

Hemlocktooth, a big, tall silver Bengal with green eyes.
25 moon old pansexual agender || Bio
played by Sullivan

Cinderfoot, small grey molly flecked with orange
21 moon old pansexual nonbinary || Bio
played by Dinolil

Carolina, A proud young solid black she-cat with yellow eyes.
18 moon old undecided female || Bio
played by Swifty

Apprentices - 05

Coyotepaw, brown and white tabby tom with yellow eyes
11 moon old heteroflexible male || Bio
played by Yazsh

Mantispaw, smoky grey tom with hazel eyes
10 moon old undecided male || Bio
played by Trick

Sparrowpaw, pretty bengal with bright green eyes
10 moon old demisexual female || Bio
played by Fallow

Fernpaw, fluffy brown tabby with dull orange eyes
10 moons old pansexual female || Bio
played by Leaf

Hollypaw, A bulky red tom with large, orange eyes
9 moon old demisexual male || Bio
played by Fallow

Eveningpaw, a black and white tabby tom with green eyes.
8 moon old heterosexual male || Bio
played by Ama

Kits - 04

Ashkit, a large shaggy-coated silver tabby with large amber eyes.
3 moon old tbd female || Bio
played by Mink

Chamisekit, a pretty white she-kit
3 moon old bi-sexual female|| Bio
played by Fallow

Sandpiperkit, a fluffy ginger tom with big amber eyes and white markings.
3 moon old unknown male || Bio
played by Pigeon

Seakit, a long-haired, lilac seal point she-cat with blue eyes
3 moon old pansexual demiro female || Bio
played by Yazsh

Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

Elders - 00

Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

Name, short description
## moon old sexuality gender || Bio
played by Name

There are two options for posting on this directory. Please use the first if you are not comfortable with code or the second if you are comfortable with code.

Short description:
Link to bio:

<div class="rosterentrytext"><b>Name</b>, <i>short description</i> <br>
## moon old sexuality gender || <a href="">Bio</a> <br>
played by Name

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