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Welcome to Deep in the Meadow, a literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. DitM features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters, and an overarching political landscape to help structure characters and interactions. Territories are refreshed, but will remain familiar to Warriors RPers. Play as a member of the four Clans or as a Clanless cat - and enjoy!


UPDATES - 4/21/18 New skin & new season! Still have some colors to update so don't be alarmed when you see that our tables and stuff are still not the right color (it's a process). Reminder that there is a large battle thread up between TC and WC, and TC needs their warriors to come help. You can find that here

UPDATES - 4/17/18 Accounts in the inactive group have now been deleted, but feel free to rejoin if you would like to. Follow the instructions in the last update to get your characters and threads back. Congratulations to the OTM winners! To view those, please click the OTM tab in the sidebar (Thanks to Rainbow for making them!). Graystar has led a group of his warriors into ThunderClan territory to stir up some trouble. Piedstar sent out reinforcements for Begoniaflame's small scouting patrol which has been ambushed, so get your ThunderClanners in the action here. Please be sure to read the information in Graystar's post first.

UPDATES - 3/31/18 The activity check has come and gone. If you find yourself deleted and wish to rejoin please feel free, and if you're in our inactive group you have two weeks to reclaim your accounts before they are deleted as well (please PM a staff member with the links to all your bios & threads you'd like moved back). Be sure to check your character's ages to see if they've moved up in the stat bracket, and if you are in need of a new name or ceremony please speak to your leader or request a name change & update your directories. Double check the apprentice & mentor list to see if anything has changed, too!

UPDATES - 3/24/18 After some careful deliberation given the delicate political situation in ThunderClan, Madelin and staff would like to congratulate Louie and Begoniaflame on getting ThunderClan deputy! Thanks to all those who took the time to apply. WindClan deputy will be open again in the near future, and don't forget that we still have some medicine cats looking for apprentices, too (if interested PM the medicine cats!).

UPDATES - 3/19/18 Thank you thank you to everyone who took the time to audition for RiverClan deputy. After much deliberation we congratulate Mountainfang (Mink) on getting the position! Remember ThunderClan deputy is still open for auditions, and WindClan deputy will be again in the near future! We still have some medicine cats looking for apprentices, too (if interested PM the medicine cats!).

UPDATES - 3/17/18 A big thank you to everyone who applied to and showed interest in the WindClan deputy position. After discussing the characters and proposed plots we congratulate Jackdawclaw (Yazsh) on getting the position. If you have any questions or would like help with your next audition you can send staff a PM or DM. If you missed out we encourage you to apply for RiverClan deputy before the deadline on March 19th and for ThunderClan deputy. WindClan deputy auditions will open up again in the near future, so keep an eye out!

UPDATES - 03/16/18 RiverClan deputy audition deadline is Monday March 19th! Please get auditions in before then if you're interested in trying out for the position. If you think you may need more time speak to staff asap and the deadline may be extended. Also, we have an activity check running until March 31st, so make sure and post in that ASAP!

UPDATES - 03/14/18 WindClan deputy audition deadline is Saturday March 17th! Please get auditions in before then if you're interested in trying out for the position. If you think you may need more time speak to staff asap and the deadline may be extended.

UPDATES - 03/12/18 Okay hold on to your hats my friends! We now have RiverClan and WindClan deputy open for auditions as well. Link to the high rank board to the left as well as in the news blurb below this one. Same rules apply as with TC deputy -- fill out the audition form and send it to all staff members.

UPDATES - 03/11/18 ThunderClan deputy is now open for auditions. Please be sure to read over the high rank info here. If interested in the position please fill out the audition form and send it to staff as well as Madelin. MCA positions are still open (info below). Keep your eyes open for an activity check in the near future too (and hopefully a new skin if Mink can find time to do a banner!). I should add, while not necessary, including plot ideas (even if they are far out) is very much helpful!

UPDATES - 02/28/18 Rainbow has opened a temporary WindClan MCA position and is asking that interested parties be open to them losing the position within a few months so be sure to have plot ideas as to how they lose the position (death, failing to save a patient, etc) and DM (discord) or PM them your ideas and a bit about the character if they don't already exist on the site. Both RiverClan and SkyClan MCA are now open as well, and those interested should PM/DM Madelin and Trick respectively with your ideas, bio links, or a little about the character's personality/history if they don't they don't yet exist on site.

UPDATES - 02/26/18 A nasty case of greencough has taken SkyClan's deputy, Orcasong. Thankfully, it hasn't shown signs of spreading to the rest of the clan yet. Sequoiastar has chosen Weaselwhisker as her new deputy (which will be officially announced during an upcoming meeting along with a few other exciting things for the clan). Also be on the lookout for more news about the war between ThunderClan and WindClan. Staff will likely start a sign up sheet in the next couple of days to assemble patrols once the ThunderClan meeting has progressed a bit further, so please get your cats' responses into that as well as finishing up your Gathering posts. Because of plot progression and the nature of our sandbox roleplay style, both WC and TC deputy positions may be opening up in the near future. We will open auditions and make additional announcements when that times comes, but go ahead and start thinking about exciting plots for your potential deputies and brush up on the requirements of the position, which are located here!

UPDATES - 01/30/18 A very special announcement! Please join us in congratulating Monument on her engagement!

UPDATES - 01/30/18 The activity check is over and those who did not post or speak to staff have been deleted or moved into our inactive group where they will remain for two weeks before being deleted themselves; bios are never deleted, but are instead moved into our archives. If you have been deleted and wish to rejoin please feel free, and if you find yourself in the inactive group you'll have to PM a staff member with links to your bios and threads to have those moved back. All cats have been aged so please check to see if your characters have moved into a new age bracket, or if they are old enough for a rank change (speak to your leader or update directories/names if that's the case). Be sure to check mentors & apprentices to see if anything has changed, and keep in mind staff is turning those who are not reliable with training threads away from both mentoring and receiving a mentor themselves until consistency can be shown. Our site gathering is still going on (it's just gotten started!) so be sure to check that out.

UPDATES - 01/23/18 Site gathering is up here. Please do not post until the leader of your cats clan has. Leaders have the right to deny a cat access to the gathering and will let those who cannot attend know. The gathering can count as one of your active threads for the activity check.

UPDATES - 01/19/18 An activity check is up here. It will run until Tuesday the 30th of January.

UPDATES - 01/17/18 In light of our near every-clan-wide ban/discouragement on apprentices staff wanted to address a few matters. We all know and can relate to the fact that training threads can get boring quickly, but we want to remind users that they don’t need to be the same old things over and over and over again; training threads can be fun, and the concepts that apply to being a warrior can be presented in fun and new ways. Linked are some threads that staff have themselves participated in that demonstrate a wide variety of different directions to tackle training threads from that range from puzzle solving, critical thinking, assassination attempts, games, and even role playing (patrols and the like can count as training threads too). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. If you want to request a flash event you can ask a staff member or purchase one in the shop, and if you need help brainstorming ideas ask on our discord—we’re a collection of creative folk and we can certainly help one another out. In keeping training threads interesting and fun we hope to get more people signing up to do mentor.

In the same stroke we staff have also noticed a trend in that some sign their apprentices up for mentors, ask for training threads, but then never respond to them (or take months), and in the end end up purchasing apprentice passes for their apprentices to get their names on time. Going forward staff will request you skip signing up for a mentor (you can npc one instead) and just purchase the apprentice pass to save desperately needed mentors for those who will participate and complete training threads so we aren’t wasting mentors/time.

UPDATES - 01/16/18 Starvation Notices have officially gone out in ThunderClan. To prevent more, and to prevent those who have received them from worsening, get your cats out in patrols and hunting! WindClan, not far behind ThunderClan, is officially on notice of starvation, too. Don't be like ThunderClan and put off hunting threads until it's too late.

UPDATES - 01/10/18 Staff has made a slight rule change. You can find this change noted on Rule #17 on the rule sheet, and explained in more depth on the bio guide (specifically the 'history' post, which is linked in Rule #17). Direct any questions to staff. Please make sure to read this update.

UPDATES - 01/09/18 Update concerning clans and clanless cats claiming and challenging for territory. Read about that here. As our largest clan on site we're officially giving ThunderClan a starvation warning. No one is starving quite yet, but they have rumbling bellies and an empty fresh-kill pile more often than not. Get out hunting, and not just on your own territory, ThunderClan, or risk finding starvation and illness notifications in your PMs ;D

UPDATES - 01/02/18 Happy New Year! We have a lot going on on site in terms of clan meeting and exciting, drama-filled going ons. Three of our clans have meetings up, and while two are further along than the third they are still in need of reactions to either help wrap them up, or to help their leader in making her decision. Give them a look: WC, RC, & SC. Once some of these big plot threads wrap up you can expect our next site gathering to get underway.

UPDATES - 12/27/17 There has been a change in DitM's staffing team as Cheshire has had to step away to tackle that thing we call life. You can read about that here. The staff team wishes Cheshire all the best, and a huge thank you for all they've done for the site! In light of how busy we still are we've promoted Yazsh, who has been helping the staff team already with mod stuff and flash event posts, to a full member of the staff team. Be sure to give the ma warm welcome and have patience with them as they learn the ropes! With Cheshire leaving that means Palefeather's and Graystar's plots are at a stand still, but since they are all sorts of tied up into the future of the site staff will be taking on the roles for at least a short while to keep things moving smoothly. Please direct all those character's plot questions to us. Rest assured we'll be working with Cheshire if we have questions, and the sand box environment, to see these through! Have patience with staff as well as we figure out what threads need to be done and get a handle on how to best play these characters. Thank you!

UPDATES - 12/24/17 A few days later than the set date, all accounts in the inactive category have been deleted. If that's you, you're welcome to rejoin at any time; staff can always pull things from the archives for you if you would like to remake characters. Just be aware that you may need to change names or face claims if they have been used in your absence.

UPDATES - 12/21/17 A happy Winter Solstice! Our season on site has been changed to Leaf-Bare. The staff team wishes happy holidays for those celebrating!

UPDATES - 12/06/17 The activity check is over and the site has been aged! Those members who did not respond or check in with staff have been moved to the inactive category and will be deleted on 12/20. If you were moved to inactive, just message a staff member with links to the items you need replaced and the accounts you need moved. For those of you still with us, please check characters' ages and active threads so you can claim any new stats. Please also check mentors & apprentices in case you have gotten a new mentor/become a mentor! Finally, many of us need to update our bios, at the very least to reflect name, rank, and sometimes Clan changes. If I have to call people out by name I will ;).

UPDATES - 11/29/17 We have an activity check going on! Link is here. Members have until December 5th to post. Please speak to staff if you don't think you'll be able to post by then. We are doing it a bit differently this time around so please be sure to read the post completely.





























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 Adopt Master List, most wanteds
 Posted: Aug 7 2016, 08:16 AM
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22 moon admin
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relationship status
played by hawk

updated 1/28/18
Each character accepted on DitM is allowed one entry on this list. When you make a character and post your adopts for them, pick one most wanted adopt to be entered here. The adopt you submit should be one you already have some ideas for, not just a blank slate. To submit your adopt to the master list, simply post below using the following code. Staff will remove posts when adopts are added. To adopt one of the characters listed here, click the cat's name to be taken to the user's adoption thread, where you can ask permission to adopt.

The 'mixed' tab is for cats whose Clan is not necessarily set (for instance, if your character had a relationship with a cat of another Clan but you aren't concerned with which Clan, or if a relative of your cat decided to leave the Clan but you aren't concerned with whether they became Clanless or joined a different Clan).

Name: adopt name
Clan: adopt clan
Gender: adopt gender
Relation: adopt relation (sister to Hawkstar, former apprentice to Nightnose, etc.)
User's Adopts: a link to your personal adopts page
Plot ideas: 1-2 lines summarizing plots for this adopt. keep it short and sweet; leave details for your personal adopt page

adopt master list

MALLOWFACE, mother of Daisygrace

Daisygrace's mother became a mother later in life - having wanted to serve her clan for a while before she had her children. Now they've left the nursery she's enjoying her freedom again. She's recently lost one daughter - Heatherpaw - and her other, Daisygrace, has children of her own. Ask to adopt her here.

ROACHTHROAT, brother of Spiderhawk

The only other surviving cat from one of Acornstar's last decisions in their life, Roachthroat is Spiderhawk's brother and confidant. Growing up a sickly child, in and out of Luna#s den was hard for him - he's almost never not a bit under the weather, but he's as resilient as the creature he was named for. NOTE: You will need to purchase a "High Rank Relation" item in order to adopt him. Ask to adopt him here.

PALEPAW, brother of Yarrowpaw

Palepaw is Yarrowpaw's twin brother. he's weird, sort of perverted, a major flirt and often times teases his sister. despite that, he's a real sweet guy with some serious self-esteem issues due to his mother and father both being incredibly hard on him. he hides a lot of that through jokes and by making fun of others or coming off as an airhead. he cares so much about his sister and also is likely to cling to the first person who shows him a smidgen of attention. Ask to adopt him here.

ACORNFUR, best friend of Sleetstorm

This cat sees past her half-clan heritage, and always has. They share an exasperated attitude and bond over being extraordinarily done with relationships, though they don't necessarily talk about "feelings" and serious stuff since Sleet really isn't into that. Could eventually lead to something more depending on how things go. I want them to be really involved in each other's lives with a good number of threads together! Ask to adopt him here.

ASHBITE, sister of Badgerslash

She was a lazy kit and apprentice, but grew into a fiery warrior. She has a strong sense of family and duty. Physical/mental strength is one of her strongest values. Badger is very close with her, but they don't always see eye to eye. Ask to adopt her here.

ROOKNOSE, father of Marigoldflame and Gracklefox

Rooknose is a little younger than Bluefur and began courting the blue tom with full intentions of making him his mate. He mated with him (as did Perchclaw) and claimed all six kits (as did Perchclaw also). He had a rivalry with Perchclaw and considered Bluefur to be his mate, even though Bluefur was desperate for his two idiot boyfriends to get along. Unfortunately, both Bluefur and Perchclaw were bitten by a snake and killed, but he's still got the beans to take care of. Ask to adopt him here.

LIONRUSH, best friend of Irisbear

irisbear's best friend. can be reckless, hence his name. broke the warrior code to sit with irisbear during his warrior vigil, and irisbear did the same in return when lion became a warrior. the two are quite close but I am open to any plots or development that might change their relationship in any way. Ask to adopt here.

WHITEBLOSSOM, mother of the chamfam

whiteblossom is a sweet old lady. she had a long, fulfilling life, but now her kids are up to no good and they need their actual mother (and not just chamomile fussing over them) to step in and get them back on track. chamomilewhisker is dating the shadowclan medicine cat and had a litter with him, jasmineclaw is pining after the leader, and irisbear is... well, he's okay for now. just,,, adopt this good mom!! i'll appreciate it forever <3 Ask to adopt her here.

PETALFOX, Mate of Coalfeather

Petalfox is a small dappled black and white she-cat. She is incredibly intelligent with a very flexible personality and background. Head-over-paws in love with Coalfeather, she probably knows of his affair with a Shadowclan she-cat, but denies it as heavily as he does. Ask to adopt here.

SQUIRRELSTRIPE, brother of Jackdawclaw

Jackdawclaw's best friend and confidant, Squirrelstripe is a replica of their trouble making father. He used to sneak off to brag about clan life to kittypets, befriend loners, and explore the neutral lands. After it caused a fight within the family he stopped, but that was awhile ago and there's definitely a chance that he would start up again (and perhaps run into his half-sibs).Ask to adopt here.

FERNFEATHER, sister of Berryheart and aunt of Robinchest

She was forced into being an elder at the age of twenty moons after extreme hallucinations (auditory and visual) interfered with her ability to function as a warrior. She was attached by loners alongside her sister and gained serious head trauma after being flung into a rock by one of them. She's a really sweet cat who's kinda strange- just as polite as Berryheart is, if not more. She suffers from really sudden spikes of aggression and likely paranoia on top of that. She will cost some points for her mental ailments and physical scars, but I'd be willing to chip in some money. Ask to adopt here.

TEASELBURR, father of Cherrypaw

Teaselburr was once a proud, sophisticated warrior. Perhaps a little too doting on his first and only apprentice, Sorrelstream. He pursued her when she was a warrior and together they had two kittens, Pearpaw and Cherrypaw. However, when the kittens were two moons old his beloved mate died. Now, he has an obsessive personality for Cherrypaw, shunning Pearpaw and virtually ignoring her. Cherrypaw is terrified of her obsessive father, while Pearpaw longs for his notice. 250 pt Bribe. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

FIREBELLY, sister of Ermineflight

She's one of Ermineflight's littermates & her only sister. The two are close - they grew up being best friends - and I'd imagine that Fire is close with their brother as well. Fire is loud, funny, outgoing, and kind of a gossip - she'll definitely be a lot of fun to play. Ask to adopt her here.

BEETLESNAP, "hate"mate/worst enemy of Fawnfire

a very, very mouthy and nasty cat who enjoys pulling pranks on her and pressing her buttons. she's a lot like a joker i suppose- very giggly and does everything just for the hell of it. she's the other-mother of fawnfire's kids and probably doesn't let fawn live down the fact that she banged her worst enemy. the two are weirdly close despite their mutual hatred. sports a nasty scar across the bridge of her nose from a scuffle back when she was an apprentice with fawn. Ask to adopt here.

BIRDBLOSSOM, cousin/adopted sister of Ryetongue

Birdblossom is based on the character Hero from Much Ado About Nothing. She is much quieter and more reserved than her cousin. She is smart in her own right, and brave, but can be very shy. She's a true romantic at heart, and Ryetongue wants to see her fall in love and live happily ever after (and vice versa). She and Ryetongue were raised as sisters even though they are actually cousins, and despite being almost polar opposites, they are inseparable. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NICK, father of Frosty

A descended of a SkyClan cat known as Frostfall, Nick and his family have lived in the barn on the Thunder/Wind border as long as anyone can remember. The call for SkyClan has been given, and Nick is likely to join the clan of his ancestor along with his daughter. Ask to adopt him here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

DELTA, friend/son-ish of Weaselwhisker

Delta is a very logical thinker. He doesn't rush into things, which is likely why he didn't decide to join SkyClan with the rest of his family. Weasel (York) and Antler (North) found Delta and his brother, Theta, alone in the woods while traveling. Their mother has been killed, and they were too young to fend for themselves. The two toms took the kits under their proverbial wings and basically taught them everything they know. Theta joined SkC alongside his adoptive fathers, but Delta chose to stay back, at least for the time being, but he's likely lonely out there by himself Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

NAME, relation of Name

plot info. Ask to adopt here.

There are two options for posting on this directory. Please use the first if you are not comfortable with code or the second if you are comfortable with code.

Name: adopt name
Clan: adopt clan
Gender: adopt gender
Relation: adopt relation (sister to Hawkstar, former apprentice to Nightnose, etc.)
User's Adopts: a link to your personal adopts page
Plot Ideas: 1-2 lines summarizing plots for this adopt. keep it short and sweet; leave details for your personal adopt page

Clan: adopt clan

<div align="center"><div style="font-family:raleway; color:#333; text-transform:uppercase; text-align:right; padding-bottom:10px; font-size:15px; font-weight: 300; padding-top:7px;">NAME, relation of Name</div><div style="float:right; width:300px; border-top:#333 1px solid; height:7px;"></div></div>
<p>plot info.  <i>Ask to adopt <a href="">here</a>.</i>

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