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Welcome to Deep in the Meadow, a literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. DitM features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters, and an overarching political landscape to help structure characters and interactions. Territories are refreshed, but will remain familiar to Warriors RPers. Play as a member of the four Clans or as a Clanless cat - and enjoy!


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UPDATES - 3/24/18 After some careful deliberation given the delicate political situation in ThunderClan, Madelin and staff would like to congratulate Louie and Begoniaflame on getting ThunderClan deputy! Thanks to all those who took the time to apply. WindClan deputy will be open again in the near future, and don't forget that we still have some medicine cats looking for apprentices, too (if interested PM the medicine cats!).

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UPDATES - 02/28/18 Rainbow has opened a temporary WindClan MCA position and is asking that interested parties be open to them losing the position within a few months so be sure to have plot ideas as to how they lose the position (death, failing to save a patient, etc) and DM (discord) or PM them your ideas and a bit about the character if they don't already exist on the site. Both RiverClan and SkyClan MCA are now open as well, and those interested should PM/DM Madelin and Trick respectively with your ideas, bio links, or a little about the character's personality/history if they don't they don't yet exist on site.

UPDATES - 02/26/18 A nasty case of greencough has taken SkyClan's deputy, Orcasong. Thankfully, it hasn't shown signs of spreading to the rest of the clan yet. Sequoiastar has chosen Weaselwhisker as her new deputy (which will be officially announced during an upcoming meeting along with a few other exciting things for the clan). Also be on the lookout for more news about the war between ThunderClan and WindClan. Staff will likely start a sign up sheet in the next couple of days to assemble patrols once the ThunderClan meeting has progressed a bit further, so please get your cats' responses into that as well as finishing up your Gathering posts. Because of plot progression and the nature of our sandbox roleplay style, both WC and TC deputy positions may be opening up in the near future. We will open auditions and make additional announcements when that times comes, but go ahead and start thinking about exciting plots for your potential deputies and brush up on the requirements of the position, which are located here!

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UPDATES - 01/17/18 In light of our near every-clan-wide ban/discouragement on apprentices staff wanted to address a few matters. We all know and can relate to the fact that training threads can get boring quickly, but we want to remind users that they don’t need to be the same old things over and over and over again; training threads can be fun, and the concepts that apply to being a warrior can be presented in fun and new ways. Linked are some threads that staff have themselves participated in that demonstrate a wide variety of different directions to tackle training threads from that range from puzzle solving, critical thinking, assassination attempts, games, and even role playing (patrols and the like can count as training threads too). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. If you want to request a flash event you can ask a staff member or purchase one in the shop, and if you need help brainstorming ideas ask on our discord—we’re a collection of creative folk and we can certainly help one another out. In keeping training threads interesting and fun we hope to get more people signing up to do mentor.

In the same stroke we staff have also noticed a trend in that some sign their apprentices up for mentors, ask for training threads, but then never respond to them (or take months), and in the end end up purchasing apprentice passes for their apprentices to get their names on time. Going forward staff will request you skip signing up for a mentor (you can npc one instead) and just purchase the apprentice pass to save desperately needed mentors for those who will participate and complete training threads so we aren’t wasting mentors/time.

UPDATES - 01/16/18 Starvation Notices have officially gone out in ThunderClan. To prevent more, and to prevent those who have received them from worsening, get your cats out in patrols and hunting! WindClan, not far behind ThunderClan, is officially on notice of starvation, too. Don't be like ThunderClan and put off hunting threads until it's too late.

UPDATES - 01/10/18 Staff has made a slight rule change. You can find this change noted on Rule #17 on the rule sheet, and explained in more depth on the bio guide (specifically the 'history' post, which is linked in Rule #17). Direct any questions to staff. Please make sure to read this update.

UPDATES - 01/09/18 Update concerning clans and clanless cats claiming and challenging for territory. Read about that here. As our largest clan on site we're officially giving ThunderClan a starvation warning. No one is starving quite yet, but they have rumbling bellies and an empty fresh-kill pile more often than not. Get out hunting, and not just on your own territory, ThunderClan, or risk finding starvation and illness notifications in your PMs ;D

UPDATES - 01/02/18 Happy New Year! We have a lot going on on site in terms of clan meeting and exciting, drama-filled going ons. Three of our clans have meetings up, and while two are further along than the third they are still in need of reactions to either help wrap them up, or to help their leader in making her decision. Give them a look: WC, RC, & SC. Once some of these big plot threads wrap up you can expect our next site gathering to get underway.

UPDATES - 12/27/17 There has been a change in DitM's staffing team as Cheshire has had to step away to tackle that thing we call life. You can read about that here. The staff team wishes Cheshire all the best, and a huge thank you for all they've done for the site! In light of how busy we still are we've promoted Yazsh, who has been helping the staff team already with mod stuff and flash event posts, to a full member of the staff team. Be sure to give the ma warm welcome and have patience with them as they learn the ropes! With Cheshire leaving that means Palefeather's and Graystar's plots are at a stand still, but since they are all sorts of tied up into the future of the site staff will be taking on the roles for at least a short while to keep things moving smoothly. Please direct all those character's plot questions to us. Rest assured we'll be working with Cheshire if we have questions, and the sand box environment, to see these through! Have patience with staff as well as we figure out what threads need to be done and get a handle on how to best play these characters. Thank you!

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Temperatures range from 40-65 (f). Muddy & messy out with sunny skies. Prey is active.

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 3. History
 Posted: Jul 29 2016, 03:11 PM
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Many generations ago, past living memory, a plane crash and subsequent lack of aid from other Clans decimated SkyClan and forced them to dissolve, scattering descendants who'd largely forgotten their origins all over the surrounding area and leaving their territory vacant. The vacuum left in their place created a generations-long on-again, off-again war between RiverClan and ShadowClan, two Clans with one thing in common: a bitter hatred of each other.

Now, the leader and medicine cat of SkyClan at the time of its dissolution, Gladestar and Mantisroot, have charged former loners Sequoiastar and Brightowl, successor to the late former ShadowClanner Chicoryfrost, with rebuilding SkyClan, and to some degree they have succeeded. SkyClan occupies its old territory once more, standing between RiverClan and ShadowClan, but their legitimacy as a real Clan and not just a band of loners and other Clanless cats is still in doubt, and at least one neighbor is not interested in being friendly.

WindClan has suffered under attacks from a colony of feral cats from one of the nearby cities, living on the farmer's land and brought there as part of a program through the city's humane society. The ferals have challenged their borders, stolen their prey, attacked their warriors, and are believed to have murdered their previous leader. Most recently, they have attacked WindClan's camp and stolen a kit, for reasons unknown.

ThunderClan, after two changes in leadership in relatively quick succession, labors under a mysterious illness that is contracted by eating, hunting, or being injured by rodents -- yes, indeed, prey animals have become the predators. The disease can be fatal, but luckily a treatment that is largely effective has been found and the effects seem to be lessening as the rodents die off or leave to hibernate for leafbare. Even so, ThunderClan cannot hunt rodents, which comprise the majority of their prey, so they have taken to stealing from both RiverClan and WindClan (though stealing from WindClan is unsanctioned by the leader). ThunderClan's neighbors won't tolerate this forever.

Recent History - We'll try to keep this updated

To give bios some consistency in prior events, we're laying out some previous leaders and medicine cats as well as any important events in recent moons. As always, please don't let your character's history revolve around the site history; it's merely meant for a little bit of consistent structure.


Leaders -


A brown tabby cat with yellow-green eyes, many scars and a twisted paw. Oakstar was already battle-worn when they became leader, but their scars and twisted paw never stopped them. Oakstar, despite their rough look, had a talent for delegating and best utilizing the talents of the cats under their rule, and ThunderClan flourished under their harsh, but fair policies. They led for 30 moons. Their deputy was Ramfoot.


A big gray she-cat with yellow eyes. She was young when Oakstar picked her to be deputy, and prepared for leadership for a long time before finally gaining her lives. As such, she didn't change much from Oakstar's reign, but ThunderClan didn't flourish quite as well as she expected. Ramstar was harder-headed, hotter-blooded, than Oakstar, and without their tempering influence Ramstar made bad call after bad call, and ThunderClan's numbers dwindled. She led for just 12 moons before disappearing -- no cat knew whether Ramstar chose to leave or was kidnapped or killed. Her deputies were Furzeheart and Reedstream.


Unlike Ramstar, Reedstar had almost no preparation before being thrust into leadership, only gaining eight lives instead of nine -- since the number of lives he was given wasn't something he wanted to give out, Reedstar did not tell the Clan that Ramstar was indeed still alive somewhere. Still, Reedstar managed to do better as leader than Ramstar had, although he quickly gained a reputation as a soft leader with little regard for Clan blood when ThunderClan started accepting young cats willing to assimilate to the Clan's way of life and even a WindClanner for a medicine cat when ThunderClan's own deserted. Reedstar felt he had no choice, given all the deaths under Ramstar. He led with moderate success for 28 moons before dying at the hooves of a spooked herd of sheep. His deputies were Falconwing and Acornfur.


Certainly the most beloved leader of ThunderClan in recent memory, Acornstar was a genderfluid cat with plain brown fur and yellow-green eyes. She had the charisma and tact to maintain a strong bond with her Clan and avoid too much hostility with the others. She also had the luck of the weather on her side, for her reign was noted as a prosperous time for prey. Believing in ThunderClan's strength as a unit, Acornstar closed the borders and reversed ThunderClan's reputation for taking in strays. Also, though none of her Clanmates would have known the difference, she only gained eight lives; apparently Ramstar still haunted ThunderClan's leadership from afar. She led for 64 moons before dying in her sleep. Her deputy was Kestrelstrike


A long-haired calico she-cat with a deformed, floppy ear. Was overall a well-liked leader though some regarded her as too passive. Led ThunderClan for 11 moons before her lives were ticked away in quick succession by the rodent-induced illness that plagued ThunderClan at the time, rat bites, and Rowanfang. Deputies were Waspswarm & Piedheart.


A two-toned snowshoe-like tom-cat with bright blue eyes. Took over after Kestrelstar's unexpected death. Deputy is Rowanfang. Has been leading for 5 moons.

Medicine Cats -


A ruddy colored cat with medium-long fur, amber eyes, and a vicious bite. Firetooth was a warrior before losing hir tail and electing to offer help in the medicine cat's den rather than retire to the elders' den. Hir mentor, Swift-tail, was aging and had not yet found an apprentice that suited her, so she took Firetooth's loss of hir tail as a complex sign involving timing, Swift-tail's own name, and omens of bad times to come (which, oddly, all seemed to come true). Firetooth did not have a particularly strong relationship with StarClan, though ze did manage to receive messages. Ze and Oakstar bonded over their shared war wounds and similar mentalities, though Firetooth outlived both Oakstar and Ramstar, serving as medicine cat for 60-odd moons before dying peacefully in hir sleep. Hir apprentice was Littlepaw/leaf.


A very small dilute calico she-cat with amber eyes. Littleleaf was indicated by StarClan as an appropriate choice of apprentice for Firetooth, and she never had any warrior training other than that which Firetooth offered her so that she would be able to defend herself. Despite Littleleaf's chosen status, she never developed a stronger stomach for the violence of Clan life, instead preferring to spend her time treating queens and kits and elders, or everyday illnesses that cropped up in the Clan. When Firetooth died, Littleleaf was forced to take on the most unpleasant of tasks as well as the nicer ones. Unable to handle the pressure, Littleleaf fled to become a kittypet, and was much happier for it. She served as full medicine cat for just two short moons, and she left no apprentice.


A short-furred brown tom with large ears and green eyes -- formerly a WindClanner. After Littleleaf abandoned ThunderClan, no medicine cat was available, even a half-trained apprentice. Harewing, feeling replaced with the situation in WindClan (his apprentice had been instructed by StarClan to take on an apprentice themselves), decided to fabricate an omen which sent him to take over medicine in ThunderClan. Desperate, Reedstar, the leader of ThunderClan at the time, invited Harewing with gratitude. Adjusting to his new home and new Clan was hard for Harewing, but he felt fulfilled and needed, and there were always the sheep's pastures to remind him of his first home. A kind cat, Harewing is still remembered fondly by older ThunderClanners, having served for about 30 moons before retiring back to WindClan as an elder. His apprentice was Luna.


A leonine calico Maine Coon with green eyes and graceful posture -- kittypet born. Harewing took her on when she was taken in by Reedstar and defended her in her choice not to change her name. They trained together until Luna was 30 moons old, when Harewing retired back to WindClan and Luna took over as full medicine cat. Luna is deeply spiritual and sees StarClan on the edges of her vision all the time; she's known to make cryptic remarks, interpret signs, and offer little prophecies at any and all times. A peaceful cat, she has no sense of boundaries, territorial or personal, and is just as likely to waltz across another Clan's territory to find herbs or see a friend as she is to invade a Clanmate's personal space or sit in the forest for hours and "speak" to other animals. She has been medicine cat for 69 moons. Her apprentice is Hailpaw.


Leaders -


A dull gray cat with a faded white belly and yellow eyes. She was a hard she-cat with firm expectations of her Clan. It was true RiverClan flourished and grew under her reign, but it was a time of tyranny as well. Cats could make few mistakes lest they risk her fury and be met with punishment or exile. She had come into leadership late and died of bone cancer, though the Clan believes her heart simply turned to stone. She led for 12 moons. Her deputy was Heronpelt.


A blue-gray long-furred cat with golden eyes. Knowing Opossumstar's tactics were a bit harsh, Heronstar led with more compassion while trying to maintain his predecessor's drive and success. He was a well liked leader, but ultimately RiverClan lost the contested territories under his leadership because he lacked the firmness to push his Clan. His popularity fell when he began letting Clanless cats, who argued they had Clan blood, into the Clan. He eventually turned up missing one night; half the Clan argued he fled in embarrassment while the other half believed him murdered due to disliked policies. He led for 37 moons. His deputies were Petuniaheart and Willowroot.


A silken silver tabby with white markings and green eyes. Willowstar was believed to have been picked as deputy for his personable charm in what was believed to be a desperate act by Heronstar to pull the Clan together. As deputy his policies were kept rather quiet, but upon receiving his lives it became clear that Willowstar himself had not been a fan of Heronstar's reign. Willowstar was a flamboyant cat who easily charmed cats (and was believed to have kittens all over the forest) on one paw, and threatened them on the other. The other Clans feared he'd drive the forest to ruin or war, but it turned out his fear tactics were just that--meant to scare the other Clans into leaving RiverClan alone. He led successfully for 83 moons before dying peacefully in his nest. His deputies were Reedfoot, Otterwhisker and Sturgeonback.


A dark gray fluffy cat with white underportions and gray eyes. Sturgeon had been chosen as deputy under Willowstar because the tom-cat believed she would rule as he did. Sturgeonstar proved to be an aggressive cat, not to her Clan, but to the others. She led RiverClan in three wars; one against ThunderClan and two against ShadowClan. Her I-can-do-anything-with-these-nine-lives attitude eventually did her in and she died in a border dispute with a group of Clanless cats on the contested territories when she tried to push RiverClan's border too far and exile them from the land. She led for nine short moons. Her deputy was Muskegclaw


Dark fluffy brown tabby with bold black striping and yellow-green eyes. Rejected by StarClan when he went to receive his lives. He took the name Muskegstar anyways and led RiverClan for 8 moons before he was challenged by Goosethorn, a cat he had caught admitting their love to the medicine cat and blackmailed, and the clan's medicine cat who shared an omen they had gotten from StarClan. He ultimately left the clan rather than risk being embarrassed and exposed as a liar. Deputy was Flameface Icehawk.


Formerly Goosethorn. A grizzled brown tabby with only one eye. As Goosethorn he challenged Muskegstar's unpopular and non-traditional rulings, and called him out on his power hungry and black mailing ways. At least half the clan supporting him, and after Muskegstar left Willowstorm, the clan's medicine cat, suggested Goosethorn speak to StarClan as RiverClan's next leader. He received the lives and took over rather than Muskegstar's illegitimate injured deputy. Deputy was Irisbear until Halfstar demoted him, promoted Mirefox, and stepped down in one fell swoop. Led for about 5 moons before giving up his lives.


Brown tabby longhair with green eyes; promoted to leader in a sudden upset when Halfstar demoted Irisbear. Because Halfstar is still alive, he only received 8 lives. He's Muskegstar's brother, and there's still bad blood between them, after Muskegstar put Mirefox in danger, humiliated him regularly, and exiled him in front of the Clan; not everyone trusts that Mirefox was innocent like he claimed. Deputy is Mountainfang.

Medicine Cats -


Agender medium fur gray cat with yellow eyes. Asterfoot had a late start to their medicine cat training, and trained to be a warrior for nearly five moons before StarClan called them to serve the Clan in another way. Admittedly disappointed, Asterfoot wasn't the most willing of apprentices early on. It took time, but by time they were twenty-two moons and receiving their full name they came around. Their mentor, Swallowleaf, gave them a name befitting their physical skills which seemed to mollify her apprentice. Asterfoot was medicine cat for 50 moons before they were attacked by a red fox while looking for herbs and injured beyond saving.


Small gray ticked tabby tom with green eyes. Pebblewhisker was thirty-odd moons when Asterfoot died. He was more timid than his mentor, but more excited to be a medicine cat than Asterfoot had been and was well suited for the job. He was known mostly for his quiet, calculating intelligence and occasional blunt, surprising comments. He retired when his hearing and sight started to go late in his life. He would later die of old age as an elder of RiverClan. He was medicine cat for 80 moons.


Dilute ginger-and-white she-cat. She was optimistic, stubborn, a strong believer in the stars, strictly against violence. She saw the best in everyone and often was in denial regarding the bad. She was skilled but not exceptional, known better for her warm and welcoming personality. Was medicine cat for 60 moons. Apprentice was Willowstorm.


Silver marbled tabby tom. Has been medicine cat for 16 moons. Apprentice is Juniperpaw.


Leaders -


Creamy furred tom* with dark points and golden eyes. Ferretstar came into his lives young, and despite doubt from the other Clans, turned out to be a well liked, long-lived, and respected leader. His cunning and wit more than anything kept him and his Clan from trouble and always in the good graces of others. He didn't let WindClan get pushed around, but used humor, intelligence, and evil gossip-based rumor to hold his own against the other leaders and his own senior warriors when necessary. When pushed he had a wicked bite to back up his 'bark.' He was WindClan's longest-lived leader having led for 90 moons. He died of old age. His deputies were Rueface and Larkthroat.


Brown and white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes. Larkstar had been a good, loyal deputy for many moons before Ferretstar died, and she thought she had been prepared to take on the responsibility and role, but it proved too much for the she-cat. She wasn't a bad cat or warrior, but wasn't cut out to make the decisions WindClan needed or that a leader needed to make. She led for eight moons before returning her lives and returning to her warrior duties. Her deputy was Thornberry.


Brown tom with darker points and yellow eyes. Thornstar had been a senior warrior when leadership was suddenly, though not entirely unexpectedly, handed to him. He wasn’t sure going in if he could be what WindClan needed, but with the support of StarClan and WindClan he did just fine. He was a staunch follower of StarClan, followed the code somewhat rigidly, and didn’t so much as allow loners to sniff their border, let alone join WindClan. He made tough decisions, such as asking cats who found love on the borders to leave their Clan for an obvious show of disloyalty, but ultimately few cats found reason to dislike the tom or his tough love ways. He grew to be a confident leader with a level head. It wasn’t until old age, and what the medicine cat could only assume was some type of illness, that Thornstar was truly questioned as leader. He began seeing things that weren’t there, and by the time the Clan forced him to step down he had lost his ability to speak coherently. He could still speak but it was gibberish. He died a short time later. Thornstar led for 41 moons. His deputies were Gopherfang and Duskcloud.


Dark gray cat with some white ticking and gray eyes. Duskstar was a personable and well-liked cat who won her Clan over with charm and humor. She didn’t take things quite as serious as some—or as serious as some of her Clanmates would have liked—but she did her job in her own way, and did it well. WindClan minded their own business under her reign but drew attention for other reasons. Duskstar organized Clan events—tag, hide and seek, sparring competitions for the apprentices, scavenger hunts and the like—to boost morale, trust, and kinship among her Clan. Occasionally she’d invite outsiders to join in, and on some occasions they were invited to join the Clan. Her policies and flair for the ‘odd’ weren’t always met with approval from all, but WindClan did blossom together to be a tight, cohesive unit and their numbers swelled. She eventually left her Clan when she became aged and presumably sick to ‘see the world’ before she died. Unfortunately she didn’t make it far before she met a grisly end by a coyote. She led for 33 moons. Her deputy was Daffodilnose.


Tall, fluffy ginger she-cat with hazel eyes. Daffodilstar's policies differed heavily from what the Clan had grown used to under Duskstar's leadership. Their borders were closed to outsiders which won her favour with the traditionalists, but she wasn't unfair to the outsiders given a new name and rank under Duskstar's leadership either should they prove themselves worthy of her trust. Overall, she kept a promising balance that maintained peace within WindClan borders, and made haste to reaffirm with the other Clans that WindClan's front was unified and not to be misconstrued as weak due to the influx in outsiders among them. Unfortunately, Daffodilstar's reign was short-lived, and her body was found on the border with neutral lands telling a number of tales that could be the cause of death. She led for 5 moons. Her deputy was Grayowl.


Gray tabby tom with white eyes. Has been leading for about 6 moons. Deputy is Cranefrost.

Medicine Cats -


Delicate white she-cat with amber eyes. Yarrowroot was a highly skilled and deeply religious medicine cat who devoted her life to her duties, with one notable exception. She broke the warrior code by having kits. Yarrowroot hid this fact for a couple of years, having passed the kits off to her brother's mate, who pretended they were hers; Harewing, her apprentice, eventually found out but never breathed a word. Despite her indiscretion, Yarrowroot was enough of a prodigy at her job that WindClan needed her, and to her credit, she never favored her kits in any way. She died in a brush fire at an old age, having served her Clan for 80-some moons. Her apprentice was Harewing.


A short-furred brown tom with large ears and green eyes. Harewing was Yarrowroot's apprentice, picked by StarClan but never on particularly strong terms with them. Harewing often nudged things to appear as omens when it suited him, and if StarClan wanted to call his good judgment part of their doing, so be it. They never took revenge for his using their name for the good of the Clan, so Harewing never stopped. He served as primary medicine cat of WindClan for about 40 moons, taking an apprentice and giving them their name, even seeing them take on an apprentice of their own at the behest of StarClan, before moving to ThunderClan to fill a position left vacant by the desertion of their own medicine cat. After he had done his duty there for about 30 moons, Harewing returned to WindClan as an elder to live out his last days.


A short-furred golden agender cat with large ears and green eyes. Wheatstem was Harewing's apprentice and also the child of Harewing's sister; some claimed nepotism when Wheatstem was taken on as Harewing's apprentice, but the stalks of wheat scattered on the floor of the medicine den said otherwise. They proved to be a capable medicine cat, good with younger cats and deeply in touch with their ancestors as Yarrowroot had been. They earned their name in record time, taking only eleven moons before Harewing deemed them fully trained, and the year after they received an omen that pointed to one of the Clan's kits as the next medicine cat apprentice. Though close with Harewing, the two did not always get along, and they were not too sad to see him go. They served as medicine cat for approximately 40 moons before losing their sight and retiring.


Gray-brown demiguy tabby with short fur and green eyes. Was removed from his position as medicine cat when he broke the code and had kits, and was then exposed to have left those kittens out in the wild to die. Was medicine cat for 30 moons.


Three-legged dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with a black collar. A former kittypet-turned-loner, she was found at the edge of WindClan territory and brought in with StarClan's blessing because of her knowledge of herbs. Has been medicine cat for 7 moons.


Leaders -


Little ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes. Formerly the medicine cat, Poppystar took over leadership of ShadowClan after both leader and deputy were killed in a rock slide. She went to the StarClan place to commune with them and ask who the next leader should be, and to her great surprise was given nine lives. Getting the Clan to support her was initially a challenge, but the authority she already had afforded her the respect she needed, and her senior warriors provided the rest, namely warrior training. While learning to do the things warriors did, Poppystar managed to successfully take the contested territories, and from there she was never challenged by a Clanmate again. Poppystar was a firecracker, humorous, benevolent, and as leader she blossomed into a force of nature. She is almost legendary in ShadowClan lore, and led for 80-odd moons before losing her last life in defense of a pair of foolish apprentices out in the territory on their own. Her deputies were Pinebark, Whitetail, and Leopardface.


Tall golden-brown spotted tom with green eyes. Leopardstar was a skilled warrior, yes, but as leader his pride and vanity were his downfall. The ShadowClan he was handed after Poppystar's death was thriving, but his cliquish behavior that came out in force once he had absolute power began to tear the Clan apart. ShadowClan lost the contested territories to Clanless and RiverClan cats in chunks, and civil war was a real possibility. Finding the situation untenable, the warrior Moosethroat challenged both Leopardstar and his deputy Boulderfur in battle for the leadership of ShadowClan and won. Leopardstar was dragged to StarClan to return his lives, and though Moosethroat had no intention of exiling him, Leopardstar left the Clan, taking Boulderfur and a few other warriors with him. Leopardstar only led for 7 moons.


Hulking brown genderqueer cat (male pronouns) with shaggy fur and yellow eyes, earned only eight lives. Having won leadership in battle, Moosestar kept up the momentum of his takeover by pushing into the contested territories and pushing ShadowClan's border with WindClan as far as possible. He was precise in his tactics and enjoyed success in his territory-grabbing endeavors with minimal casualties from his own Clan. While Moosestar was business-like and not incredibly charming or funny, he was still good company in his own gruff sort of way, and he was well-liked and respected by his Clan for his fairness and strength. Under no circumstances did Moosestar allow outsiders into the Clan, though ShadowClan was never aware that if Leopardface had returned, Moosestar would have let him back in in a heartbeat. After all, the Clan was never aware of their longstanding affair, either. Moosestar led for about 50 moons before losing three lives in a battle with a wolf. His deputies were Rocktail and Lizardstripe.


Average-sized brown she-cat with short fur and yellow eyes. A solid, unmoving cat, Lizardstar was a dependable warrior but not the strongest of leaders. ShadowClan once again slipped under her leadership, her staunch traditionalism and inability to think outside the box or take advice hindering the Clan's growth and strength. She wasn't exactly disliked, but the Clan became frustrated under her leadership and no cat was especially upset when her lives ran out surprisingly quickly. There are rumors that she was never given extra lives in the first place. She led for 18 moons and her deputy was Sunstorm.


A large, long-haired mostly silver torbie female with striking green eyes. Took over after Lizardstar drowned at the Star Path and StarClan decided ShadowClan's deputy unfit to lead. Was leader for 10 moons before she died to issues following a head injury. Deputy was Vulturetalon.


A black oriental tom-cat with yellow eyes. Took over ShadowClan after Granitestar's untimely death following a head injury. StarClan met him with doubt and he was only given four lives. Has led for a little over two moons before it came to light that he had told his deputy to spy on the clan for him. The clan, upset by their leader's lack of trust and transparency, called for his removal. Vulturestar agreed, but ultimately made one last desperate plea at the Star Path to keep his lives and attacked his deputy. Upon losing a life StarClan stripped him of his remaining ones. Deputy was Cardinalstrike.


A fluffy ginger she-cat with green eyes. Took over after she exposed that Vulturestar had asked her to spy on the clan and report back to him, and the clan decided they didn't want a cat like him as leader. While escorting Vulturestar to return his lives she was attacked by him and ended his life. Has been leading for 3 moons. Deputy is Gillyflowerthroat.

Medicine Cats -


Little ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes. Poppynose was a firecracker of a medicine cat, known for her bawdy humor and good will toward all. She was good at her job, and had prepared an excellent apprentice to take over for her when she decided to retire or, StarClan forbid, something happen -- and something did happen. ShadowClan's leader and deputy, Aspenstar and Frogstep, were both crushed to death in a rock slide, and StarClan called Poppynose to take over. She served as medicine cat for only 24 moons, and her apprentice was Silverpetal.


A silver tabby she-cat with green eyes. Silverpetal was quiet and sweet, but had a great deal of steel to her. She was a pillar of ShadowClan for an unbelievably long time, delivering many litters of kits that she ended up burying at one time or another. Some cats joked that she would never die, that Poppystar had gotten nine lives for Silverpetal too, so that they would be able to run the Clan together forever. Those same cats joked, with a hint of truth and always in the lowest of whispers, that the two she-cats were mates -- as long as they were more mated to their jobs than each other, no cat ever seemed to object outright. Silverpetal served as medicine cat for a long 110 moons, eventually outliving Poppystar, before dying peacefully in her sleep. Her apprentice was ---.

Granitefrost (star):

A large, long-haired mostly silver torbie female with striking green eyes. Was never excited to be medicine cat but took her duty in stride. When Lizardstar proved to be an incompetent leader she tried faking omens to get the she-cat out of power, and ultimately got her wish when Lizardstar died at the Star Path. Became leader in place of the clan deputy who StarClan deemed unfit to lead. Was medicine cat for 60 moons. Apprentice was Palefeather.


Buff ginger tabby with long fur. He served as sole medicine cat for just over a year before Halfstar of RiverClan accused him of conducting an affair and siring kittens with a RiverClan queen, Chamomilewhisker. The accusation was true, but Palefeather successfully denied it; in the process, he revealed his year-long project of medical research on deceased Clanmates and was removed as medicine cat, exiled from camp but not from the territory -- in time he may be able to redeem himself, especially since he is still needed to help Sedgepaw. Was medicine cat for 14 moons. Apprentice was Sedgepaw.


Long-haired black she-cat with yellow eyes. After Palefeather's removal she became ShadowClan's medicine cat, but without enough training, she has yet to receive her full name. Has been medicine cat for two moons.


Leaders -


A large, muscular black tom with yellow eyes and a white chest. Dipperstar was fairly old when he was first given the lives of a leader. He was quite reckless, which caused him to lose several lives within a short period of time. Dipperstar hated outsiders with a passion, and was even known to be hostile towards the other clans’ high ranks that had to pass through SkyClan’s territory in order to reach the Star Path. He led for only twelve moons, but he ultimately died from natural causes. His deputy was Rosestream.


A pale ginger tabby she-cat with white markings and orange eyes. Rosestar was an incredibly loyal SkyClan warrior. She was already in her mid-fifties when Dipperstar died, but she made the best of her time as leader. Rosestar was opinionated and blunt, and she would not tolerate any nonsense within her clan. She was a hardcore believer in StarClan, and communed with them as often as most medicine cats do just because she valued their guidance. Her lives ticked away slowly, a bought of greencough here, a nasty infection there. She led for fifty-three moons before relinquishing her few remaining lives and stepping down as leader. Her deputies were Bouldernose and Kitetail.


A reddish-brown ticked tabby tom with pale green eyes. Overall, Kitestar was not very well liked during his time as leader. He was snarky, pompous, and had an odd collection of random items hidden in his nest (ie, smooth stones, attractive feathers, and anything shiny). He was also really good at what he did, which was likely the only reason Rosestar kept him around. Kitestar led SkyClan relatively well and kept up decent relations with the other clans. Unfortunately, he was kind of a jerk. If SkyClan hadn’t continued to thrive under his reign, they would have likely impeached him. He led for twenty moons before his body was found washed up on the bank of the river. Foul play was briefly suspected, but no one ever admitted to the crime. His deputy was Gladefire.


A large shaggy-coated female* silver tabby with large amber eyes. Gladestar was something of a proud, arrogant hot head, but she did so in name of the clan. While intelligent and generally well-liked by her clan (though it wasn't uncommon for them to shake their heads at some of her decisions), she won no favor with her neighbors. SkyClan was almost always at odds with RiverClan, ShadowClan, or both; it was no surprise that when the plane crashed into their territory neither was willing to give them aid. Gladestar tried hard to hold her clan together in the moons following their upheaval, but upon her untimely death (by illness) the clan crumbled away. Distraught and angry Gladestar eventually saw to the rebuilding of her clan when she and Mantisroot, her medicine cat and friend, visited loners with SkyClan blood in their dreams.


A large calico she-cat with golden eyes. Sequoiastar received a StarClan dream from SkyClan's former leader, Gladestar, and was asked to revive the long-dead clan and told she had SkyClan blood in her veins. She has been leading for 5 moons. Deputy was Orcasong, now is Weaselwhisker.

Medicine Cats -


A small dark ginger she-cat with yellow eyes. She was as quick-footed and nimble as her namesake, and just as much of a dutiful soldier to her charge. She adored medicine and tending to the ill, and her talents were recognized far and wide. She wore her heart on her sleeve and it was inevitably her downfall. While hunting for a rare herb along the Clanless border she heard muffled cries for help and stumbled upon a group of young loners caught beneath a fallen rock. Her loyalty to SkyClan was no laughing matter, but deeper than that was her loyalty to all life. There was nothing she or anyone could've done to save them, or let alone move the rock, so she stayed with them through the night until they passed in their sleep. The rockslide, however, wasn't through with them and the last of the rocks crushed Antstep before she could escape. She served as medicine cat for fourty moons, and her apprentice was Wolfheart.


A fluffy black and gray she-cat with green eyes. Nobody claimed to understand why Antstep elected a then Wolfpaw as her apprentice. She was two moons into warrior training and already showed great potential, but StarClan reached out to Antstep in a dream and showed her a wolf pack and the young warrior in the making's path in life was forever changed. It wasn't to say that she didn't succeed as a medicine cat, because she most certainly did. However, very few of her Clanmates missed the longing glances thrown at the warriors' den, and it was no secret that she envied the life she didn't get to have. She served as a medicine cat for fifteen moons before she died protecting a littermate from a fox in the midst of an attack on camp. Her apprentice was Falconstorm.


A light brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Some thought that Wolfheart chose him because he, too, showed promise as a warrior and made her feel like she didn't lose her chance when she was averted onto the path of a medicine cat. However, Falconstorm wasn't bombarded by the same grief over a position lost. He was a jovial tom with a good sense of humour and a passion for living. He made a show of following the rules to a tee and being a careful, law-abiding Clan cat, but he was mischievous and couldn't die knowing that he didn't experience life to its utmost potential. Rumour had it that Falconstorm partook in a couple of brief cross-Clan flings, but no ties could be drawn to him and he always denied it profusely. His first and most important passion was SkyClan, and despite the rumours nobody could deny his dedication to them and keep a straight face. He served as a medicine cat and served well for thirty moons, and his apprentice was Mantisroot.


A solid gray sort-furred she-cat with yellow eyes and a small, petite stature. She was made a full medicine cat at a young age when her mentor unexpectedly died and left her alone. She was SkyClan's longest (and last) serving medicine cat before the clan disbanded. She was known to be sweet and empathetic above all else, and steadfast in tight places despite her lifelong battle with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. She harbored a great love for Gladestar.


White cat with dusty gray points and back with bright blue eyes. Much like Sequoiastar Chicoryfrost too recieved a StarClan dream. Despite being born into ShadowClan Chicoryfrost had SkyClan heritage in his veins. He wasn't trained to be a medicine cat, but due to his non-treatable illness he had spent plenty of time with Granitestar and Palefeather to know the basics, and had the patience, drive, and support to learn the rest. He left his clan to help bring SkyClan into existence, and to serve as their medicine cat. He ultimately passed a short time later at a half moon meeting. Was medicine cat for 3 moons. Apprentice was Brightowl.


A bright ginger and white tabby with golden eyes. Has been medicine cat for 3 moons.

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